Lorraine Hansberry Mural

​​​​I was driving through Bronzeville, known as the Black Metropolis, is a historical mecca of African American history where African American traveled from the South to the North to escape oppression during the early 1900s, I saw a mural of Lorraine Hansberry mural that was designed by Chris Devins. His artwork is displayed throughout Chicago. His artwork is considered a museum without walls. Looking forward to seeing more of his amazing work that will show the richness and beauty of a great city of Chicago, not Chiraq. Mural is located at 51st & Calumet on the southside of Chicago. #lorrainehansberry #chicago #southside #blackhistory #africanamerican #bronzeville #blackmetropolis #mura

Fred Hampton Childhood Home Maywood, IL

I was supposed to do a historical tour in Tennessee, but I'm close to closing on my condo so I was not able to go. I decided to find a historical figure in Chicago. I located sites in rememberance of Fred Hampton, Deputy Chairman of the Black Panther Party in Chicago, IL. In 2000 December 4th was declared Fred Hampton Day in Chicago. Fred Hampton was born in Chicago and grew up in Maywood. He attended Proviso East, graduated with honors and attended Triton College. Fred Hampton was a member of the NAACP. In that organization he showed great leadership skills that when he joined the Black Panther Party in 1968, he organized the Chicago Chapter. CLICK A SOCIAL ICON BELOW TO SHARE