Good Hope Great Plantation

Every year, I travel with a group of phenomenal women on a cruise to bond and fellowship in the name of sisterhood. It is also a time for me to get much needed rest. I have been doing African American historical tours for nine months and this cruise was just going to be laying on the beach with a nice cold Pina Colada. As I was reading the excursions guide, I ran across a tour called the Good Hope Great Plantation. As I was reading the description, I wondered if it was a plantation where men, women and children were enslaved. Before, I booked the trip, I asked a personnel on the cruise who is Jamaican about the plantation and he told me that it was definitely a slave plantation. Even th

900 Enslaved - Stagville Plantation

Stagville Plantation, Durham, NC. When I think about Stagville Plantation, the first thing that comes to mind is 900. My second overnight stay with the Slave Dwelling Project, I slept in a cabin where 900 men, women and children were compelled to slavery on Horton Grove. I had a different feeling with this overnight stay than my previous one. My first overnight was a cabin that was purchased and lived in by freed slaves. This situation would be different. I would be sleeping uncomfortably on wooden floors that many of slaves were subjected to lay their bodies. I will be sleeping in this slave cabin. Slave Cabin at Horton Grove. The two-story slave cabin was enormous in weight and very rare a

46th Anniversary of the Death of Fred Hampton

Today, 46 years ago, Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Black Panther Party in my city of Chicago, IL, along with fellow black panther, Mark Clark, were raided and murdered by the Chicago Police Department and FBI that riddled with over 90 bullets. I drove to the address where he was assassinated. The number address is 2337, but the building has been completely renovated. The street has newly apartements and condominiums. A very quiet neigborhood. As I walk down the street and stand in front of the building, I realized something is missing - a marker. There should definitely be a historical marker in front of the building that reads the horrific event that happend December 4, 1969. I wondere