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MLK 2020 - The Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I will be presenting at Town and Country Public Library, January 20, 2020. I will be discussing three civil rights activists who were in the background to help Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s fight for and to accomplish the end of segregation, justice and equality.

There are so many unknown men and women that have been unrecognized and erased from history. I will highlight an organizer for the March on Washington, a cook that helped fund the Montgomery Bus Boycott and a wealthy businessman that unselfishly provided jobs and a safe place for African Americans to be treated with dignity and respect.

Dr. Martin Luther King Day is not a day off, but it is a day of service. It is important that we volunteer, give back to the community and get the youth involved in volunteerism.

In January 1986, producer and rapper Kurtis Blow and executive producer, Dexter King, son of Martin Luther King, Jr., released a single, "King Holiday." Several artist such as New Edition, El DeBarge, Stephanie Mills, Menudo, Lisa Lisa, Full Force, Stacy Lattisaw, Whitney Houston, The Fat Boys, Whodini, etc., known as the King Dream Chorus & Holiday Crew lend their voices to honor and pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The proceeds from the single went to the King Foundation in Atlanta, GA.

As a travel historian, I have located several Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. statues and monuments throughout the United States. Below are some of my favorite statues:

MLK - Washington, D.C.

MLK - New Jersey

MLK - San Bernardino, CA

MLK - Annapolis, MD

MLK - Atlanta, GA

MLK - Houston, TX

MLK - High Point, NC

Enjoy your day and take time to volunteer and remember the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream that still resonates in 2020.

Remember, Black History is more than 28 days!!!!!!

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