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Grace Sister to Sister - Be YOU Tiful Headwrap Workshop

Empowering young girls is very important to me. I was blessed to mentor these awesome young ladies about self-esteem and the history of headwraps. Grace Sister to Sister is an anti-bully organization that increase positive opportunities for young girls by helping them succeed in all areas of their lives.

I LOVE wearing headwraps!!!!!! I feel like a queen. Wearing headwraps gives me pride as a black woman. I wear headwraps almost everyday. Wearing a headwrap is an important symbol in black culture from Subsaharan African that is worn all over the country.

Headwraps are worn for protection of the sun, marital and wealth status in some African countries, spirituality and making a bold fashion statement.

During slavery, Africans rituals and cultural were stripped when they were brought to the United States, but African women continued wearing the headwrap by choice and force. Because of their hair texture, women had to wear their hair covered.

After emancipation, to be accepted by the dominate society, the headwrap was abandoned and women conformed to European standards by straigtening their hair.

The headwraps came back in the 1970s as a sign of black pride, reclaiming and accepting our heritage. When I wear a headwrap, I feel regal.

The young ladies were excited to learn how to wear a headwrap. I showed them how to do a Cinnamon Roll, Top Knot, The Big Bun and The Rope. They looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

My assistant was entrepreneur, Teresa Freelon, owner of Smoke Filled Room and Dressed2TheTee.

The girls had a FABULOUS time. There was laughter and they helped one another fix each others crown.

The workshop was a success. I look forward to another event with these young ladies to educate them about the importance of African American history and culture.

To schedule a headwrap workshop, please email at

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