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"Tammy Gibson, a historian of African American history was a guest at Proviso West High School in Hillside, IL on February 13 & 15, 2017.  She did an excellent job in celebrating Black History month with us where she decked our entire South Library which we called "the Walking Museum" with decades of African American history.  As she dressed in character of a field hand, she covered the history of slavery from the 1700's until the Emancipation with artifacts from all around the world, as well as pictures from slavery to the White House, and pictures of some archaelogical digs of recent finds.  We love her personality, the love for her work, and her presentations.  We have already asked her to come back." -- D. Lambert


"Tammy Gibson's presentation at my church for our Black History Program was great. Ms. Gibson was very informative and detailed in the manner in which she spoke about the artifacts. The younger kids as well as the adults left the presentation in awe. Everyone learned something that night. I am grateful for Ms. Gibson's presence and I'm looking forward to working with her again." -- K. Jordan


“Great speaker whose presentation was vivid as if she lived and experienced the life of slavery.  Very compassionate and knowledgeable and enjoys sharing her journey.”L. Chapman


“The presentation by Ms. Gibson was educational and enlightening.  Ms. Gibson also provided an excellent giveaway of reading material.” K. Carter


“Very inspiring and caring young lady who has embraced pain and suffering our ancestors endured during slavery by recognizing the importance of speaking on black history not just in February, but every month of the year.”A. Williamson


"Ms. Gibson’s presentation on “Ship to Freedom:  Henry Box Brown” captured the attention and imagination of our mentees and left phenomenal inflection on them. The mentees absorbed the information such to the point that it left them with a different perspective of that time in history and gave them the enthusiasm to read more." B. Swain


“I attended Tammy Gibson’s presentation on “Voices Behind the Big House.”  I found her presentation to be both informative and enlightening. She captivated the audience with her personal and engaging approach to inform our people of our history through her travels across America. Tammy Gibson is a historical maverick of the present – she teaches and edifies the audience on historical black perspectives.”  – J. Brown

"Black History Month is a time to reflect on the contributions that African-Americans make and have made to American society and to recognize the numerous struggles that define the African-American experience in America. As Streamwood HighSchool reflects on those contributions they invited Tammy Gibson walking historian to help our students reflect on those contributions. Streamwood Highschool was excited and welcomed her with open arms and looks forward to her visit next year." - L. McIntosh

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