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Travel Historian, Tammy Gibson standing in front of the ruins of 25 of the original slave cabins at Kingsley Plantation.



  • Aunt Jemima

  • Black Wall Street - Tulsa Riot

  • Children of the Civil Rights Movement

  • History of Kwanzaa

  • Pullman Porters and Maids

  • Slavery to Emancipation

  • Strange Fruit - History of Lynchings

  • The Underground Railroad



  • History of Headwraps

  • History of Shea Butter

  • History of the Washerwoman/Laundress

  • Plantation Life of the Enslaved Community


  • Behind the Big House

  • Black Graves Matter

  • Black History Across America

  • History of Juneteenth

  • James Byrd - I'm Gonna Make Jasper, TX Famous

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Activists

  • New York African Burial Ground

  • Secret Kitchen of the Civil Rights Movement

  • ​​​Shipped to Freedom - Henry Box Brown

  • Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment - Bad Blood

  • Unsung African American Men

  • Unsung African American Women

  • Women of Style and Grace








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