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Henry Box Brown - Shipment to Freedom

I visited Posen Elementary High School for Black History Month to talk about the amazing story of Henry Box Brown who shipped himself from Richmond, VA to Philadelphia, PA. It took him a grueling 27 hours to become a free man.

One thing that I know when it comes to education students, is that in order to keep their attention, you have to have interaction and props to get the students involved.

For my presentation, I created the exact size box ( 3x2.6x2) that Henry Box Brown used to escape to freedom. Every student had the opportunity to get in the box.

I also discussed the Underground Railroad and the significance of the quilt that had secret codes to help fugitive slaves navigate from one safe haven to another. Abolitionists played an important role such as William Still of the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, Levi Coffin and Harriet Tubman.

After the presentation, student's had the opportunity to view photos of my travels to Harriet Tubman and William Still's gravesite, Underground Railroad safe havens in Illinois that are museums that tell the story of fugitive slaves traveling through Illinois. Graue Mill in Oak Brook, IL, Mother Rudd in Gurnee, IL, Sheldon Peck Homestead in Lobmard, IL and Quinn Chapel AME Church are some of the few places that are in Illinois.

The students at Posen Elementary School were amazing. They asked alot of questions and the number one request was to get in the box.

Happy Black History Month!!!!!

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