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MLK 2020 - The Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I will be presenting at Town and Country Public Library, January 20, 2020. I will be discussing three civil rights activists who were in the background to help Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s fight for and to accomplish the end of segregation, justice and equality. There are so many unknown men and women that have been unrecognized and erased from history. I will highlight an organizer for the March on Washington, a cook that helped fund the Montgomery Bus Boycott and a wealthy businessman that unselfishly provided jobs and a safe place for African Americans to be treated with dignity and respect. Dr. Martin Luther King Day is not a day off, but it is a day of service. It is important that

History Unsung

Happy New Year!!!!!!! I have some great news!!!!! I have a PODCAST!!!!!!!! History Unsung Podcast was launched September 2019. Myself, co-host and film director of the documentary "The American South As We Know It," Frederick Murphy started this podcast to highlight and recognize African American men and women who have been erased from American history. Please subscribe and listen to our recent episode on the life and legacy of serial entrepreneur, A.G. Gaston. This unsung hero, was not only a millionaire, but he played a vital role in the civil rights movement using his motel, the Gaston Motel, that was listed in The Negro Motorist Green Book, to accommodate African Americans during segre